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External Competitions 2022/23

A summary of the external competitions entered by MSCC in 2022/23, there is also a gallery of the images that scored 12 and above and a summary of all images that were selected to represent the Club in the individual competitions.

PAGB Trophy (Nature)

The Club came 9th in the PAGB Nature prints for the first time of entering!  Only 3 behind Bristol (6th) who scored 145.  We scored 137 points, the total possible being 12 x 15 = 180.  Rolls Royce came first with168.

PAGB Cup (Open) 

We were not so successful in the GB Cup, however, in the GB Cup Open we came equal 44th with 133 points behind 12th place Dorchester on 145.  66 clubs entered.  This was a huge improvement on last year’s 73rd with 118 points.  

PAGB Cup (Nature)

In the GB Cup Nature we came equal 38th with Devizes out of 63 clubs who entered this year compared to 77 last year when we came equal 35th.  


48 clubs entered DPIC this year compared to 51 last year. We came equal 10th with 193 points compared to last year’s equal 17th with slightly more points (197).  

WCPF Print

We entered the WCPF Print comp for the first time in a long time and came equal 13th with 162 points so an average of 10.8.  30 clubs took part this year.  This time we have two 13’s so very well done Janet Miles and Colin Whitcombe for their very special Eye Spy and Splash and Grab images.  Both their images represented MSCC being shown in the print room.   Rose Atkinson, John Law and Carolyn Moore scored our three 12’s so well done to them.  

Kingswood Salver

The Club entered the Kingswood Salver competition and was represented by a 'The Five Senses' which included images from Martin Kennard, David Robinson-Palmer, Nick Smith, Rosy Hopkins and Richard Wynne-Jones.

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