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Membership Fees


We hope you will join us at Mid Somerset Camera Club and further your enjoyment of photography.

The annual membership fees are shown below:

Smiling Portrait

Full Single


Senior Man

Senior (60 and above)


Family Portrait



Teenage Students



There is a member entrance fee of £3 per night. Entrance fees for the season can be paid at the start of the year for a small saving.

Visitor entrance fee is £5 per night. If after 3 visits, you decide to become a member, we'll give you a refund of £2 for each of your visits against the cost of the membership fee.


Tea/coffee and biscuits are provided free of charge and there is a licenced bar at the meeting venue.

If you would like to join us, please:



If you are still unsure about whether to join us, here are some of the benefits of being a member of Mid Somerset Camera Club.

Learning opportunities 

  • Members of the Club can come along to regular meetings and learn new photography techniques and skills. The Club invites guest speakers to present on a wide range of photography topics, including composition, lighting and post-processing. Members are also invited to present on topics of their choice.

Inspiration and motivation

  • Being part of Mid Somerset Camera Club can provide inspiration and motivation for you to continue exploring and experimenting with photography. Seeing the work of other members can also inspire you to try new techniques and approaches.

Critique and feedback

  • As well as organising photography critique events, the Club holds competitions where members can receive constructive feedback on their images, helping them to improve their skills and develop their own unique style.


  • Joining the Club is a great way to meet other photographers who share your passion for photography. This can lead to new friendships, collaborations and opportunities to share ideas and techniques.

  • Affiliation to the WCPF connects us with clubs and photographers in a much wider area, and means that we can attend regional events and meet other photographers, see examples of some really inspiring photography and learn from them too.

Outings and group events

  • The Club organises group outings and events, where members can practise their photography skills in different locations. These outings also provide opportunities to socialise and share photography tips with other members.

Exhibitions and competitions

  • The Club arranges exhibitions where members can display their images and we also enter external competitions where members can receive recognition for their work.

Meeting venue

  • The Victoria Club, on Leigh Road in Street, is a short walk from the town centre and provides a warm and spacious environment for the Club’s weekly meetings. It offers ample well-lit parking and has a licenced bar where members can enjoy a refreshment during the meeting break.

  • The meeting room and all facilities are on the ground floor with step-free access.

Access to equipment

  • The Club has equipment that members can borrow, such as lighting equipment, screen calibration tools and more. This can be a cost-effective way to try out new equipment.


  • The Club has a range of Mid Somerset Camera Club merchandise available for members to purchase. Please visit our online shop to see the range of products on offer and to place an order.

Overall, joining Mid Somerset Camera Club can be an excellent way to improve your photography skills, connect with like-minded individuals and gain exposure for your work. The regular meetings, group events and feedback opportunities can all contribute to a rewarding and fulfilling photography experience.


Mid Somerset Camera Club is run according to the following Constitution and Bye Laws.

We also have a number of policies to ensure the smooth running of the Club.

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