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Battles - 2023/24

The Club takes part in 3 Battles with local camera clubs each year.

Battle of Sedgemoor

A three-way Battle with Yeovil and Bridgewater Camera Clubs. Each Club enters 10 Prints and 10 Digital Images.  

Battle with Frome Wessex

This is a Battle against Frome Wessex Photographic and sees each Club enter 15 Prints and 15 Digital Images.

Battle with Chard

Our final battle of the year is against Chard and both Clubs enter 25 Digital Images.

The table below shows the details for the Battles for the 2023/24 season, return to current season


You can see the images selected to represent the Club for the Battle of Sedgemoor, the Battle with Chard and the Battle with Frome Wessex.  Scores will be added a few days after the judging has taken place, along with a gallery of images.

Hand in Date
Hosted by
Battle of Sedgemoor
5 December 2023
7 November 2023
Peter Ottley
Battle with Frome
16 February 2024
16 January 2024
Frome Wessex Photographic
tbc by Frome
Battle with Chard
7 May 2024
9 April 2024
Jay Hallsworth
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